Name: Tasa Genesis

Women Empowerment
Goodness and Mercy Missions empower women with business skills to generate income and educate their children in Cameroon.

This was taken at Anyajua. It is about pastors benefiting from the Hope Bible Institute Satellite Seminary run in Cameroon by Rev. Teh Francis, and being taught on skype by Pastor Alfredo of Hope Bible Institute and Church of Hope USA

Women Income Generation Project

Name: Tufoin Silvia Nabain
Goodness and Mercy Missions Started sponsoring Sylvia when she was in form 2 at Acha Baptist College, Belo. Now she is at the University Institute of  Bamenda. The most interesting thing is that when we first profiled Sylvia her dream was to grow up and become an electrician. Her dream has come true as she is about to graduate from University doing the very thing. Great thanks go to P. Peck in the USA who has been consistent in taking care of Sylvia’s education till date.


Name: Diangha from Jinkfuin, Cameroon


“Mrs Erin helped me to believe in a brighter future”

The loss of both parents would mean the loss of hope for a brighter future for the most Cameroonian children. Especially, when this child is a girl who is left under the care of a poor health grandmother. Diangha Carine who lives in a high density area in Jinkfuin, would not even think of getting any further education, not to mention healthy food and all other essential things. But her dreams came true when she started receiving GMM sponsorship. Thanks to her sponsor Erin Ecomeford in USA now she receives all she needs and more – self-confident, belief in a brighter future and trust in people.  

Through Goodness and Mercy Missions’ Child Sponsorship Program Diangha has learnt that the loss of parents is not the end of everything because there are kind-hearted people somewhere, near or afar, that are willing to make the world a better place. She is so grateful to her sponsor for the love and support that she receives.

At the moment Diangha Carine is a happy form 5 student at Acha Baptist College in Belo Cameroon.  All her spare time she dedicates to work at the GMM Child sponsorship program. She is supporting and encouraging other less fortunate children who go through difficult times.