Since 2007, Goodness and Mercy Missions has been carrying out several projects in Boyo Division of Cameroon. The organization has focused largely on Child sponsorship programs and women economic empowerment programs. There is a computer training centre and a research library for the community. Details of Goodness and Mercy Missions work since 2007 can be seen by opening the following link

Child Sponsorship Program

Since 2007, more than 3000 children have been helped by this program in the areas of education, health and nutrition. This number excludes those we have helped indirectly by empowering their mothers economically. We have also connected some of these children to sponsors around the world. The sponsors are in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and in the Americas. See what it takes to sponsor a child

Women Economic Empowerment Project

This is another most successful program of GMM. It has benefited close to 500 women and right now we are dealing with 39 women groups. These are groups we have already funded and helped with skills development. They are found in several communities in Cameroon, largely in the North West Region and then in the Littoral and South West Regions. The women are involved in various income generating initiatives like retailing of palm oil, maize, beans or making tradition dresses,  detergent, shoe polish and candles. Their raw material ranges from bee wax to weeds and fibres collected from some plants. About 827 USD can fully fund a group of about 10 women, giving it seed money as well as a revolving capital over the years.

Computer Training Program

A computer training institute has been equipping the youths as well as the communities of Boyo division with computer knowledge. The lab is at Belo where the GMM headquarters are. Since its beginning 67 students have graduated and more than 500 received informal computer training without receiving a diploma at the end. It is a 9 months’ course before graduation. There is also an after school computer training program for students. We have also created Computer labs in several schools around Boyo with assistance from Helps International and Computers4Africa.he computer lab in Belo has been assisted by Informatik Afrique, Switzerland.

Library in Belo

A library of assorted books has been established by Goodness and Mercy Missions to help the Belo community. More than 4000 books brace the shelves of this library. It has been a blessing to secondary, high school and University students. We continue buy or request more books for the library. Most children go through school without a textbook of their own. They cannot just afford to buy in the market. It is no small thing if they have a place to borrow books. It is a place students can make research and farmers, doctors, etc find information related to their fields. The library has received books from Darien Book service, from individuals and from the Director Teh Francis. See pressing needs page.

Vocational Training Program

GMM has involved several youths in learning a trade, that is sponsoring them in driving schools, hairdressing saloons, carpentry, computer, tailoring etc. Many of these have graduated and have their own jobs. It takes an average of 120 000 FCFA for a young boy or girl to learn a trade. When they have done it, they receive self employment. Teenage mothers have largely been the beneficiaries of this program. With no one to help them, we put them back in the line of life. See  Goodness and Mercy Missions young mothers program.