• More funding to ease implementation of the projects
  • A service van to ease up field work.
Month by month we carry children to hospital for screening or medical attention.
  • Motor Bikes for the motorbike taxi business and also to penetrate inaccessible areas by car.
    Raising funds daily through motor bike taxi business. The motor bikes are used as transport vehicles and the funds raised go for the education of underprivileged children. Getting 3 or 4 motor bikes, funds will be raised daily to sustain the child sponsorship program while at the same time providing jobs for the rural people manning the bikes. The project has been very successful in the past.
  • Computers, laptops, projectors, photocopier
          A computer training institute has been equipping the youths as well as the communities of Boyo                 division with computer knowledge… There is still a demand for more computers and laptops as                 students overcrowd during the holidays. For the program to be sustainable we do charge a small             fee for some people. We need a good photocopier to earn money and sustain the program. We                  have a staff we cater for and there is one who works as the hardware assistant.
  • More sponsors for our children
  • Any other things that are relevant for our projects
  • More books for the library
Financial Contribution:  Regular sponsorship for a child depending on the child’s educational level, age and level of sponsorship: £10 to £15. See Goodness and Mercy Missions Child Sponsorship.  A full sponsorship which includes clothes, food, schooling fees, required equipment and healthcare for the child: £25 to £27  Sponsor a group of 10 women startup a common initiative to generate income for the education of their children: £681. See GMM projects  Buy a sewing machine and startup materials for a single young mother: £164  Buy a laptop for the computer training program: £240. See history of GMM Computer program.  Sponsor a rural youth at the computer training for 9 months with graduation fees included: £89  Training a young woman to be a seamstress: £164  Training a young woman at an hairdressing salon: £164  Providing two goats for a rural family to rear for their children’s’ education: £82  Building a chicken coop for a rural family to sustain their livelihoods. This includes a coop, 15 chicken for a start and a bag of feed: £39  Help Purchase a motor bike that will be used commercially to raise funds for the education of underprivileged children: £905  Mutual Health Insurance for a rural family for one year (family of five): £34 Any help will be greatly appreciated: 
Director: Teh Francis Yai Address:  PO BOX 14 FDG, Belo Sub Division, Boyo, NWR, Cameroon. Phone: +237 675726548 India Tel: +91 8138865971 Email: info@gmmafrica.org, revteh@gmail.com