Since 2007, Goodness and Mercy Missions has been helping underprivileged children find life no longer unbearable. Most impressive has been its work with children with disabilities. It has taken many forms and each of these forms have shaped a better future for these children and their families. There has been direct sponsorship of these children in education and also some in learning a life skill. Some have been sponsored in special centres. Others have just benefited from the Goodness and Mercy Missions computer training centre in Belo Sub Division. A good example is Genesis T. who is physically challenged. He was trained by Goodness and Mercy Missions in both computer hardware and software applications. He later was employed by the same organization and has been training other people in computer applications.
Another way Goodness and Mercy Missions has helped people with disabilities has been through sponsoring the children of people with disabilities. A good example is Mr. N. Johnson, a retired blind teacher. The organization sponsored three of his children through secondary and high school. One of these children has a disability and was sponsored in the BCHS Njinikejem special centre and later in Bamenda.
Goodness and Mercy Missions is out to see that underprivileged children have access to a hassle free education. More attention is given to children with disabilities believing that disabilities do not limit people. Sometimes they only help people to concentrate and develop their other senses and potentials. If you want to find more about this work, contact us at or +237 675726548.

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