HELP OFFSITE by being either of the following:

  1. Online Ambassador – they share posts/links/videos/infographs/pictures of GMM to their social media (and we can involve online volunteers who have successfully worked in the past. Also former in site volunteers can be useful in this also).
  2. Partnership specialists – they help us connect with the right organizations and agencies
  3. Sustainability consultants – they give us ideas/consultations for sustainable projects
  4. Grant specialists – help us make grants and lobby it


HELP ONSITE by doing either of the following:

  1. Gardening
  2. Corporate Social responsibility programs – gardening, tree planting, handle free workshops and trainings.
  3. Teach at colleges in Belo, Njinikom and Fundong Sub Divisions in Boyo. GMM partners with some of these institutions and has helped in the creation of computer labs. Other colleges are requesting GMM to place volunteer teachers in them.
  4. Teach at the primary schools in Jinkfuin, Ntungfe, Tumuku, Fundeng and Elemighong communities in Belo Sub Division of Cameroon.
  5. Work out more sponsorship and scholarship for needy children, at the primary, secondary and tertiary school levels.
  6. Vocational Training for Young boys and girls.
  7. Training in ICT and life skills trades (hairdressing, trading, handcraft)
  8. Work with several GMM Women Groups towards a sustainable livelihood for women.
  9. Youth Mentorship and community health Education.
  10. Administration and office work.
  11. Work with people with Albinism and other differently abled groups that are in partnership with Goodness and Mercy Missions


Friends! We need all the help we can get.  Kindly reach us to discuss the details.

Director: Teh Francis Yai

Phone: +237 675726548

India Tel: +91 8138865971


Skype: gmmafrica

Twitter: @gmmafrica; @tehfranc


We are looking forward to speaking with you and to further discuss on how you can be part of our community transformation.


Thank you.