Funding and Donations

Child sponsorship at Goodness and Mercy Missions
Child sponsorship at Goodness and Mercy Missions


GMM gets its funding through the freewill donations of its members usually when an immediate need arises. There are also community fundraising schemes launched by GMM on educational projects. GMM is working on a small business scheme so that GMM would in no distant future be financially self-sustaining.  Individual friends of GMM in the USA, Finland, Germany, France and Korea have made a one-time small donation to carry on specific small projects.
We continue to look for more donors who will help it carry out its activities to a grand scale. We keep a transparent accounting system. Record is kept on every dime used. Each amount of money goes to the target assigned for. The decisions to spend money are taken by the executives of GMM, and we have periodical report to the Board of Governors as well as send copies to all our donors.
You may donate through:
1. Paypal
 2. Bank Deposit

Bank Name: Afriland First Bank Cameroon, Bamenda Branch
Account Name: Goodness and Mercy Missions
IBAN: 100057-03070801001-23
Account No: 03070801001-23
Country code: CM21