As the New Year 2023 starts, Goodness and Mercy Missions is even more determine to carry on meaningful work in the community to bring about social change and transformation. Responding to someone who tells the reason why she supports people in need, the director of Goodness and Mercy Missions, Teh Francis, has this to say, “My work too is motivated by experiences from my background. In all of my primary school days I had a single textbook my father bought when I was in class 3. When I completed primary it was many years before I could have the means to a formal education. My mother would have helped but in those days, rural women were made to depend on men for any major financial decisions. I remember how my mother was ashamed to sell more than 20 litres of maize for fear that the community would laugh at her for being a woman and has an interest in money. There is one other episode. One day, when I had grown up and was fending for myself, I went to visit my mother and gave her a substantial amount of money. I realized her hands were shivering when she touched the money. She had never had that amount of money all her life. I think, these should change. Women need to break free from generational cycles of poverty, make independent financial decisions, have the means to support their children in school, and have independence and leadership in their own destinies”.

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