GMM EnKindle Cameroon graduation 2017 2

Goodness and Mercy Missions continue to equip rural youths with vocational skills that enhance employment opportunities at the GMM EnKindle Cameroon project. On the 16th of August 2017, 15 of these rural youths were graduated at the computer training institute. Thanks to our partners in Switzerland, Informtik Fur Afrika, who provide resources for this training. At the graduation was Benedikt from Berlin in Germany who for some weeks had been teaching Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint to the students. The families of the students, their friends and the Belo community came out en masse to witness the occasion. We continue to transform the lives of rural people in Boyo Division of Cameroon. If you want to know details about our other projects send us a mail at our contact. page.

GMM ENKINDLE CAMERON GRADUATION 14gmm enkindle cameroon graduation 16GMM ENKINDLE CAMEROON GRADUATION 18GMM EnKindle Cameroon graduation 2017 4


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