• What kind of businesses do women in the community want to have?

They want to do retail trading of various articles and commodities, buying food crops from farmers and selling at the local market, learning a life skill trade like sewing, handcrafting, hairdressing and producing powdered detergent. They also want to rent large farm lands to cultivate beans, potatoes, maize, cassava and peanuts for commercial purposes.

  • What about for men, aside from the plantation what are their means of livelihood?

Most men own small coffee farms that surround the homestead where they harvest the grains and sell, others do petty trading, others have parcels of land which they give out to farmers on rents, few have white collar jobs and some go seeking for a fortune at the Cocoa, banana, rubber and palm plantations at the coast.

  • Is palm the only agriculture landscape near your community?
We import palm oil from other communities. It is always in demand in our community as it is used in traditional weddings and important celebrations. It is also necessary for cooking in every household, but over the years we have had a raw with fund raise on palm oil. There is an issue in Cameroon with Herakles Farm exploiting a forest, endangering Chimpanzees to cultivate palms. We are content with the groups already doing palm oil business. With other groups we switch to other businesses like Table Banking (See www.joywo.org), buying and selling of maize, beans,  Irish potatoes, plantains etc.
  •  More or less how many people do you want to reach with the programs? or how many people are in the community you’d like to help?
Our area of work is in the Kom Kingdom of Cameroon, made up of over 43 villages (See link The Kom Kingdom). It has over 233000 inhabitants. (See Facts about the Kom Kingdom of Cameroon). From this area we extend to other areas in North West Region of Cameroon. See
(North West Region, Cameroon)
  • With money not being an issue, what vision do you have for your organization? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?
A Cameroon where every child has a hassle free education and women are famous for making independent financial decisions.
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